An incredible advancement in security surveillance has been accomplished that has actually been possible for well over 45 years It has now being used to fight everything from terrorism to anticipation criminal activity that has yet to be committed.

A surveillance system that anticipates and predicts possible criminal activity.

In 2001; A Space Odyssey, The HAL 9000 computer, the renegade computer aboard the exploration space ship that learned through programmed observation (HAL stood for Heuristically controlled algorithmic) computer discovered it was going to be deactivated by two astronauts plotting to dismantle its operating system. The HAL computer learned to read the lips of the two astronauts and tried to prevent at all cost this from occurring. The computer even resorted to murder to stop its own demise.

IBM built BIG BLUE - the first computer to beat a human at chess through this process and had built Big Blue to learn by its mistakes. Now a new technology using software to recognize video abnormalities in surveillance systems are being employed worldwide. One of the leaders in this software revolution is a company called BRS LABs. Their recognition software called AISight ® image programs can detect not only irregularities in security such as unauthorized access but determine if certain habits exhibited by humans give reason to believe a crime is being committed or going to be committed such as planting an explosive device in a busy public arena. The system is very sophisticated and has a plethora of innovative abilities to detect situations unmatched by other security camera surveillance platforms. Their AISight technology is setting a standard in the security circles. The amazing aspect is that software similar to this standard is helping to determine if a crime, by electronic and visual interpretation will be committed. It is a fact that security cameras have been given a bad name under the shroud of the "Big Brother" but high profile, strategically place cameras have lowered crime in high crime neighborhoods by mere presence.

Understanding advances war on crime and especially terrorism is the responsibility of us all. To be aware of how systems help citizen’s need to be taught to the community based on the intent of preventing crime and not be viewed as looking into our private affairs. Well placed surveillance systems saves police manpower and aids in the recovery of lost children, stolen vehicles, traffic control and hopefully will stop a disaster of incalculable proportions. Balancing the need versus the issue of privacy invasion takes on a better understand once citizen understand the reason for these avenues of security.

Cameras That spot Criminal Activity

Here is a very well done video on the entire application and development of the security cameras built to become watchful eyes for us as the need to anticipate disasters, terrorist threats and the need to deter crime become increasingly demanding. It is well worth the time to understand this new technology.