Officers (click photo)

Chairman - Jim Hill

Vice Chairman -Victor M. Nuñez

Treasurer - Bernie Schulman

Secretary -Barbara Ardilla

Board of Directors

David Ardilla

Alan Rappoprt  

Arkan Somo   

Faith Wise

Charles E. Kopp

Dr. Budd Rubin

Victor Gonzalez

T.Evertt Welsh

Anthony Porrello

Special Advisors

Chief David Bejarano, CVPD

Jesse Navarro, D.A’s Office

Major Contributor

Ralph Burni

Our Board Membership is multi-talented and diverse.

We select a wide source of good citizens with wide-ranging backgrounds. They mentor on of the most important and responsible resources to help fight crime and promote police and citizen relationships.

The San Diego County Crime Commission

"Connecting Law Enforcement to the Community"

5694 Mission Center Road, Ste 602-432

San Diego CA 92108


Jim Hill