From the webmaster

In keeping with the mission and interests of the Crime Commission to promote good community relations between citizens and law enforcement, our stories and articles about local activities, new technology and human interest are carefully selected. We evaluated the timely merits and then presented to our readers a resource that is diverse, up-to-date and informative.

Upon first glance some of the past articles may appear a bit amusing but all are done with serious intent. People often tend to remember a novel or lighthearted approach much better when making a serious point on the dangerous job tasked by law enforcement. We feel it is important to inform and when possible, convey information to the community in the most effective manner.

With the advent of Social Media (there are three stories in this issue) cell phone technology is now taking that “Bite out of Crime” to a new level. This technology is being exploited in a very positive manner and promises to continue to outpace crime in certain areas as statistics prove in two of our featured stories.

Personally. I have been involved in media and advertising for more than 45 years. The work created on the Commission site is rewarding and gives me an opportunity to give back my past experience and talent to the community. I have a police science background and have for more than 15 years as a consulting private investigator often working with law enforcement in the family and child custody court system.

The Commission keeps in touch with other law enforcement associations who often report about their own programs and sharing in the common good of our community. We trust our site is interesting and welcome suggestions or comments from anyone in both the community at large as well as law enforcement for improvement. We want to meet as many expectations as possible to assist in the well being and safety of San Diego County residents. I applaud the hard work of all the Commission members in their continued efforts to support the 123 neighborhoods of San Diego county.


Barry Baron - Member  - Media Services